Things to do

List of Activities Sea


  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing
  • Boat trips
  • Body boarding
  • Kayaking
  • Jet skiing


  • Beach volleyball
  • Hiking
  • Gym work out
  • Mountain biking


  • Thai cooking lessons
  • Visit Thong Nai Pan Yai Wat
  • See King Rama V signature


  • Try a Thai massage
  • Have a beauty treatment
  • Practice yoga


  • Walk to viewspots
  • Birdspotting


  • Try one of many restaurants
  • Have a drink in a bar
  • Nightclubbing
  • Star gazing

Diving and Snorkeling

All three beaches in Thong Nai Pan are great for swimming. They don't, however, offer any snorkeling or diving opportunities. The best places in Koh Phangan to see marine life are Koh Ma and along the coral reefs on the West coast. There are three dive schools in Thong Nai Pan.


You might be able to catch fish by throwing a line out from the rocks at the end of the beaches. It is more fun to go on an organized frishing trip.

Boat Trips

There are several operators that do day trips to other beaches and include snorkeling.

Body Boarding

From September to January there is often a bit of swell in the bay. There are no 'breaks' but you can get a wave to push you along on a body board or kayak. Beware the under currents. Being in the water during the monsoon (October / November) is not recommended.


For those with some experience using a kayak it is possible to explore beyond the bay of Thong Nai Pan. Just around the headland from Santhiya is a small cove called Laem Pak Chong. If you follow the coast around past Thong Nai Pan Yai you come across a small beach, Ao Krang Khai. If you keep on going south there is the island of Koh Kong Than Sadet and then the beaches of Haad Sadet and Thong Reng. See map of surrounding area. There are several places to rent kayaks (see diving and waterspots page for a list of places that supply kayaks).

Jet Skiing

We also don't recommend jet skiing. It might look fun but it pollutes, and if you get a scratch on the jet ski expect to pay heavily to get your passport returned to you.

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Working Out

Despite the hot weather many people are keen to do exercise on the beach. There are a number of options. There is the Wellness gym in Yai. The 3 big hotels in Noi all have fitness equipment.

Muay Thai

The Muay Thai gym in Thong Nai Pan Noi village was demolished in 2012. You have to go to Haad Rin or Thongsala to learn Muay Thai.


Frisbee and beach volley are the main games for the beach. Sometimes a football competition is held, but soft white sand is not a great playing surface. Just outside Yai is a keepie-up volleyball court that sporadically gets used.

Bikes, motorbikes and ATVs

You can rent motorbikes in both Noi and Yai, but to rent a mountain bike you have to go to Thongsala. There are some challenging hill rides in the Thong Nai Pan area such as the road going to Santhiya that heads off to Laem Supot and then Bottle Beach. We don't recommend renting a motorbike as a form of enterntainment. Despite the road improvements there are still several rough roads. If you come off you will have a nasty scrape and have to buy your passport back from whomever rented you the bike. Think transport, not recreation.


In contrast, hiking is environmentally friendly and safe. We provide a list of places to walk to in our places to visit section. Remember to bring water and sunscreen. For those keen to really go off the beaten track there are the three mountains that surround Thong Nai Pan to explore - Khao Ban Fai Mai, Khao Ra and Khao Let Mai Kheo. See map of surrounding area.


Cultural Activites

Cooking Classes

It is easy to find signs for Thai cooking classes in both Thong Nai Pan Noi and Yai. Have a look in the restaurants in the villages. Again and Again offer Thai cooking classes in Noi. It costs about 500 Thai Baht to learn to 2 dishes, and takes a couple of hours.

Yai Wat

There is a small temple at the north end of Thong Nai Pan Yai beach. If you go to Yai beach it is worth taking a stroll to take a look.

King Rama V Signature

King Rama V's visits to nearby Than Sadet are well documented. What is less well known is that Thailand's most famous King also had a great fondness for Thong Nai Pan. You can see his signature carved into the giant rock on the opposite side of the road from La Hacienda restaurant in Thong Nai Pan Noi.


Thai Massage and Spa Treatments

Thong Nai Pan is a great place to get pampered and to try rejuvenation. There are lots of places offering Thai massage on both beaches. Although the big hotels offer a full range of spa and beauty treatments, the common consensus is that Tanaporn Massage House is better and cheaper.

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The Yoga Studio is in the forest on the road to Thong Nai Pan Yai. It is a tranquil setting ideal for yoga. THE YOGA STUDIO IS CLOSED

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To be in Thong Nai Pan is to experience the glory of nature's beauty - the beach, the mountains and the jungle are full of things to admire. It makes a pleasant half hour just strolling around and seeing how many varieties of flower you can find.

Bird spotting

For those who enjoy bird watching there are a number of birds to see in the area. These include sea eagles, black eagles and the greater racket tailed drongo.


Thong Nai Pan is a safe area to walk around after dark. There is enough lighting to see where you are going and you are unlikely to encounter any problems if you remain polite. it is a good idea to wear something on your feet as you can stub your toe or get a cut. You can find taxis to ferry you between the two beaches in the villages.


One of the great pleasures of Thong Nai Pan is checking out the different restaurants. There are plenty of great places to choose from.

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Many businesses are both restaurants and bars. There are a couple of good beach bars. You can get draught beer, export beers, cocktails and wine.

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The night life scene has moved in recent years from Noi to Yai. Thong Nai Pan has a few all night parties during high seasons but it is not a center for techno / trance festivals like Haad Rin and Bantai.

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