Tanaporn Massage House

Tanaporn Massage House

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Tanaporn Massage

Tanaporn Massage House was built in 2006. Since its opening the business has thrived, and has become the place to have a Thai massage in Thong Nai Pan. The owners of Tanaporn Massage House, Greg and Porn, are lovely people. They provide a therapeutic experience that is truly appreciated by their many customers. As a result, a trip to Tanaporn Massage House is rated on TripAdvisor as the 6th best activity on Koh Phangan. This is impressive when you consider that the 1 to 5 slots are taken up with the adrenalin inducing activities of canopy flights and diving.


The philosophy of Tanaporn Massage House is to provide “quality professional massage and therapies in a relaxing, nurturing environment at reasonable prices that are affordable to everyone.”


This is the key to their success. They provide better and more varied massage and spa treatments than the other local massage houses, and they do so at prices that are much cheaper than those found at the 5 star resorts of Panviman, Santhiya and Rasananda.


Tanaporn Massage House is located up the side road next to Star Huts restaurant (see map). The fork in the road is at the start of the village (if you are walking from the beach). On the corner is Handsome Sandwich – just turn right and you will see a small well tended garden full of tropical plants and flowers. Greg is a keen gardener and he has made a garden around the massage house that turns the place into an oasis of natural beauty.


The massage house itself is built using local wood and is in a traditional Thai style. There is a raised platform for massages as well as private rooms for such treatments as body packs and body scrub.


When you go for a treatment at Tanaporn Massage House you go into a place that calms you: the interior is full of Thai art, the air contains incense and people drink herbal tea and relax. The idea is to reinforce the benefits of the treatment with a relaxing and therapeutic environment.


There is an expert team of masseuses working at Tanaporn Massage House. They are led by the highly experienced and qualified Porn. She studied at the famous Wat Pho massage school in Bangkok and since then she has been soothing the aches and pains of her customers. She has also devoted herself to learning new spa techniques. This is reflected in the impressive menu offered at Tanaporn Massage House. You can choose from such treatments as aromatherapy massage, oil massage, herbal sauna, tamarind body scrub, foot reflexology and Tok Sen therapy. The latter is the ancient northern Thai therapy of tapping the body with a special wooden hammer made from the Tamarind tree. The idea is that the tapping (‘tok’) helps to unblock the energy conduits (‘sen’) in the body.


Legend has it that the Buddha’s personal physician and friend was Dr. Shivago Komarpaj devised a series of techniques based on yoga and Ayurveda medicine that eventually became known as Thai massage. In his life time Dr. Komarpaj taught these techniques to many nomadic Buddhist monks who spread the system all over Asia. After a Burmese invasion of Thailand (Siam in those days) in 1832 King Rama III ordered that no further ancient knowledge be lost and that the secrets of Thai massage be engraved on the walls of Wat Pho in Bangkok.


Pi-Porn continues this tradition in Thong Nai Pan and has sought to expand Thai yoga techniques with new ideas and therapies.


If you want to try a massage or spa therapy at Tanaporn Massage House it is important that you book in advance. As soon as you get to Thong Nai Pan drop in to the massage house and book a massage. Alternatively, you can phone. All the contact details are available in the left hand column. You won’t regret making an appointment for a massage or spa therapy at Tanaporn Massage House. Chances are that you will book another session soon; you might even be inspired to write a positive review.



  • Thai Maasage (60 mins) - 350 thb
  • Oil massage (60 mins) - 450 thb
  • Hot stone massage - 850 thb
  • Tok Sen therapy - 650 thb


  • Telephone: (+66) 0810787814
  • Don't rely on email to book