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Spa, Massage, Wellness, Beauty

Thong Nai Pan NoiThong Nai Pan Yai
map of massage and spa places in Thong Nai Pan
Spas & Massage Hotel Spas

Thong Nai Pan Yai:

  • Candlehut Resort
  • Pen's Bungalows
  • Havana Resort
  • Baan Panburi
  • Nice beach resort

Thong Nai Pan Noi:

  • Tanaporn Massage House
  • Viman Spa
  • Ayurvana Spa
  • Rasananda Spa
  • Heaven Massage
  • Bam Bam Massage
  • Warin Massage
  • Leelawadee Massage


Each of the 3 main hotels have a spa. They all have a long list of spa and beauty treatments on offer, as well as 'package' deals and signature treatments. Santhiya Spa called Ayurvana and Panviman spa called Viman both are located in scenic spots to allow customers to gaze out on the ocean while being pampered. Rasananda has the advantage of being on the beach but this means it doesn't have any elevated viewpoints to offer. The Rasananda Spa is located behind the resort, tucked away in a secret garden.


Ayurvana Spa menu includes massage, facial, wrap, manicure, herbal steam treatment and detoxifying skin package. There is also a 4 hour Ayurvana Royal Thai package. Find a full list of treaments and prices by clicking the link to the left.


Rasananda is no doubt as expensive as the other two hotel spas. The spa has a number of courses that you can try that include Thai herbal steam, coconut scrub, massage and floral foot ritual. The Rasananda spa has 2 treatment rooms, an outdoor herbal bath and a tropical steam cave.


The Spa at Panviman is called Viman. As with Rasananda they don't publish their prices online. Viman appears to focus more on reflexology and energizing acupressure massages. See opening times and link in left column.

Tanaporn Massage House

Tanaporn Massage House has received 234 reviews on Trip Advisor: 182 people rated the massage house 'excellent'.


Tanaporn Massage House is a Thong Nai Pan institution. Porn is a fully qualified and highly experienced masseuse. She is the hands behind the business, and the genial Greg is always there with an offer of a cup of tea.


The secret of the success of Tanaporn Massage House is that they provide quality massage and spa treatments, in pleasant surroundings for a fraction of the price of the hotel spas. Tanaporn has an extensive treatment menu that includes herbal steam sauna, tamarind body scrub, yoghurt body pack, aromatherapy, reflexology, Tok sen therapy, and baby massage. For the full price list see the link on the left.

Thai Massage

There are several places in Thong Nai Pan Noi village that offer traditional Thai massages. A Thai massage usually costs about 250 Thai Baht for an hour. Generally speaking you can get an excellent massage in these places, they just lack the fancy surroundings, the internet presence and the range of treatments offered by Tanaporn and the hotel spas.


On Thong Nai Pan Yai there are few independent massage houses. Instead several of the resorts and bungalow places also offer massages. You can get a massage at Candlehut Resort, Baan Panburi, Nice Beach Resort, Pen's Bungalows and Havana Resort. The standard of Thai massage in Thong Nai Pan, and in Koh Phangan is high. I'm sure there are few unhappy customers.