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Pa Thong's is the name of a popular Thai restaurant located at the start of Thong Nai Pan Yai village, near Sweet Bakery (not to be confused with Su's Bakery a bit farther down the road). Pa Thong’s has become something of an institution in Yai as it serves up some great Thai food at some of the best prices in the area. It is a place that attracts locals, ex-pats and visitors in equal measure, and is definitely worth a try if you are staying in Thong Nai Pan Yai for the first time.


Pa Thong’s is a typical Thai restaurant with a few plastic tables and chairs set up under a basic corrugated roof and a concrete floor. This is not a beautiful or boutique restaurant. The attraction is the good food and the traditional style of a basic Thai outdoor street cafe.


It is also a good location to watch people go past. You can see everyone entering and leaving the village.


There is now a new menu at Pa Thong's with a more extensive range of options. There are smoothies and sweets, appetizers such as No Name (battered and deep fried vegetable) and glass noodle salad. Main dishes on offer include noodle dishes, fried curries and soups. There is also a barbeque section on the menu that includes such delicious items as fresh boiled scallops (200 Thai Baht) and BBQ prawn platter (800 Thai Baht).


Recommended are crispy pork in fried red curry (65 THB), crispy pork with morning glory (75 THB) and Thai omelet with minced pork. Of course you don’t have to have the pork – most Thai dishes come with a choice of chicken, pork or seafood.


For many the attraction of Pa Thong’s is the cheap beer. It is a great place to enjoy a cold Singha or Chang in the early evening. Small Singha beers cost 50 Thai Baht each and large ones 90 Thai Baht. Pa Thong’s is one of the few restaurants where they sell large Chang (75 THB).


If you want to try authentic Thai food, and you would like a different atmosphere to a resort restaurant then Pa Thong’s is a great eating option. They are open 8am to 9pm, but if you turn up at 9pm and ask for food and drink they are sure to stay open for as long as it takes for you to fill up on delicious Thai food.


  • Start of Thong Nai Pan Yai village


  • Thai food
  • Barbeque
  • Smoothies and shakes


  • Crispy pork in fried red curry (65 thb)
  • Fresh boiled scallops (200 thb)


  • Open from 8am to 9pm