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Pan Thong Restaurant in Thong Nai Pan Yai is relatively new to the growing village food scene. Formerly specializing in Northern Thai and Isaan food, this small outdoor spot is easy to find, with its pointed thatched roof and round wooden kitchen amongst a handful of bamboo tables. Located next to Pan Thong Minimart, just past the 7-11 on the main road, this restaurant recently tweaked its menu, keeping a range of popular Thai fare (green curry, pad Thai, sweet and sour chicken, etc.) and adding Western dishes, spanning breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Opening times can vary slightly, but Pan Thong’s is almost always open between 7 and 8am and closes at 10pm. In the morning there is a wide range of fresh fruit on the counter for salads and shakes, tempting early risers looking for a healthy start. The fruit-based shakes (70 baht) are delicious, but the Western breakfasts (60-110 baht) and coffee lack authenticity, so you’d be much better off looking for scrambled eggs and your morning cup of Joe someplace else.

Pan Thong’s Western fare gets mixed reviews. Although inexpensive (lightly hand-breaded tender chicken strips and the only hand-cut chips around for a mere 100 baht!) and plentiful, steer clear of its sandwiches, as they tend to be on the rubbery side and smothered in random and oddly-matched condiments. For those searching for a Thai meal, the curries at Pan Thong’s are tasty enough, but do lack the spicier notes generally found in dishes like green curry and tom yum goong (both 70 baht). During dinner hours the service can also take a while, despite the restaurant's few tables, so if you wish to enjoy your meal here, plan some extra time and relax. Take in the breezy outdoor location and chat with Giat, the friendly waitress behind the bar, who always has a smile.


Local beer is available (small Singha and Chang, 60 THB and 50 THB respectively) and sometimes, a house wine (150 baht), so perhaps the best reason to visit Pan Thong’s is for a cold drink at the end of the day, when you can watch locals come and go from the busy supermarket across the street, or tourists heading to and from Game Bar in the evening. If you don’t fancy a drink, try the superb mango and sticky rice dessert, served hot and sweet for 70 baht – well worth it.


Pan Thong Restaurant is not for those looking for a standard restaurant set-up and speedy service. However, after spending a few days in Thong Nai Pan, speed is not generally a high priority, so give Pan Thong’s a try – it might surprise you!



  • Thai & Laos food
  • Western food
  • Smoothies and shakes


  • Chicken and chips (100 thb)
  • Mango and sticky rice (70 thb)


  • Open from 7.30am to 10pm