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Luna Lounge

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Luna Lounge

Luna Lounge is located at the back of Thong Nai Pan Noi village opposite its main competitor, Better Than Sex. The restaurant is in an attractive building with indoor and outdoor seating areas that attempts to be cooler and more sophisticated than the traditional Thai restaurant catering for tourists on beach holidays. Luna Lounge is a popular place to eat and drink for those who are only staying for a few days and have plenty of spending money. The restaurant serves a selection of Thai and Western dishes as well as cocktails, wines and beer.


Reviews of Luna Lounge on Trip Advisor are generally postive. Many of these comments refer to the last management team that departed in 2012. It is thus worth looking at the more recent reviews if you plave any stock by Trip Advisor.


The new tenants are Cathy and Frederic. As with the previous management they keep a careful eye on TA comments and are quick to explain away any negative comments. Cathy and Frederic have previous experience in the restaurant business and have bought this to bear on the menu and wine list. They have added a wider choice to the menu and offer customers the option to read iPad notes about the wine list.


The new website is an improvement on the old one in that it gives the menu in full with prices. It also provides the full wine list, thankfully without tasting notes. Customers have a choice of such dishes as prawns with cognac creamy sauce, mustard chicken, sirloin steak with blue cheese sauce, chicken stuffed with fresh mango and cheese, stone baked flatbreads, lamb massaman, coconut, duck and pineapple curry and of course, Pad Thai.


The wine list includes Penfolds Shiraz, Yellow Tail Shiraz, Sol de Chile Rose, Prosecco, Champagne and Argentine Pinot Gigrio. Wines start at 800 Thai Baht a bottle. It is hard to get wine to stay at the right temperature in a tropical climate unless you spend thousands of dollars like Rasananda on a temperature controlled wine cellar. You can bring your own wine - the cork fee is 600 Thai Baht.


Luna Lounge makes some of its own food such as bread, yoghurt and desserts. They grow some of their own salad ingredients and claim to wash their food in potable water. They also place emphasis on using local ingredients.


The restaurant can seat about 40 people. They can put tables together and can get groups of about 10 people to sit down and eat. There are a couple of comfortable sofas and a few more intimate alcoves for those who want a quiet drink. The building is a circular thatched structure with low walls. Thought was put in by Natalie who set up the business in 2008 over decoration. The entrance is framed by two giant ceramic pots holding large pieces of bamboo. The garden around the restaurant is luxuriant. Inside the atmosphere is helped by soft lighting and lighted alcoves featuring Thai art.


Luna Lounge will not appeal to traditional backpackers looking for a cheap curry and a cold beer. Along with Better Than Sex, it is the most expensive place to eat and drink in the village. For those who are looking for a place with a more sophisticated atmosphere and want to try food other than the usual Thai dishes, barbeque and burgers Luna Lounge is the place to go. You won't get exactly the same thing as a European restaurant but the bill will be similar.



  • A few Thai dishes
  • Fusion dishes
  • Stone baked flatbreads


  • Barbecue king prawns
  • Phi Phi chicken


  • Open from 18:00 to midnight
  • Delivery and takeaway services