Internet access in Thong Nai Pan

Internet Access

Access Wifi


  • DTAC

Dongle networks:

  • True, AIS, TOT

Free Wifi for customers:


  • Panviman
  • Star Huts
  • Rasananda pool / bar
  • Santhiya reception
  • Phuwadee Resort
  • Buri Rasa
  • Sunrise Villa
  • Yai

  • Havana Resort
  • Longtail Beach Resort
  • Pen's Bungalows
  • Great Escape Chalets
  • Pingchan Beach Resort

In Noi the main hotels - Rasananda, Buri Rasa, Santhiya and Panviman all offer wifi access to the internet. In a few public places it is free. You often have to pay to get wifi in your room.


Phuwadee has a slow free connection you can use on your phone or computer. Thong Tapan is similar. Sunrise Villa has a landline linked to the internet for its customers. Currently this type of set up provides the fastest connection.


Panviman has free wifi but as with all the hotels the coverage is patchy. Buri Rasa has free wifi for its guests in the main building.


Other spots in Noi to get free wifi - Star Huts


In Yai, Havana has wifi around the resort and in the rooms for guests. Longtail Beach Resort has free wifi for guests during the day - it finishes at 10pm. They also hire out laptops. Pen's Bungalows also has free wifi. Pingchan Beach Resort opened in 2016. It promises to have free wifi for guests.


The only network with coverage all over Koh Phangan is DTAC. This is due to change mid way through 2013. With a DTAC sim card a smartphone can access the web. You can buy cards or sign up to monthly plans. Generous monthly access can be had for just over 800 Thai Baht a month.


AIS and TOT are set to roll out similar networks in 2013.


Mobile networks have been expanding exponentially in Thailand over the last few years. 4G in Bangkok and then elsewhere in Thailand is not unrealistic in a few years.


Phone coverage is patchy in Thong Nai Pan. You can buy a good Smartphone running Android 2.3 in Thailand for 4,200 Thai Baht.


A dongle is a good way to get cheap internet in Thong Nai Pan. You have to buy the dongle that goes with each network. I don't think you can change the sim card in the dongle to use a different network. Monthly access to the net via a dongle costs about 1,000 Thai Baht a month. The credit is on the dongle when you buy it. Generally a dongle gives you better bandwidth than a smartphone.

Internet Cafes and Public Computers

Internet cafes will no doubt be around for a long time - they are like public phones. However just as more people use mobile phones than ever before, so more people use their own device rather than a public computer.


You can find a handful of internet cafes in the villages in Noi and Yai. Many of these cafes are also travel agents and motorbike hire places.


In Noi Phuwadee, Thong Tapan, Sandee, Santhiya, Buri Rasa and Panviman have public computers you can pay to access the net. In Noi village there a few travel agent / internet cafes/ bike hire places with computers to rent for 3 to 5 Baht a minute.


In Yai all the main resorts and bungalow outfits have a few computers you can use to get on the net. Again for a few Baht a minute. There are also a few internet cafe / travel agent / bike hire shops on the main road. Baan Panburi have a couple of computers they let guests use for free.


The age, speed and security of these public computers vary greatly. As a general warning, the salt air in TNP plays havoc with internet devices and phones.