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999 Government Bus

Bangkok Koh Phangan     Koh Phangan Bangkok  
1930 1000     1700 (VIP) 0600  
1950 (VIP) 100     1700 0600  
Tel: 077238507 (KP) 027926222 (Bangkok)    


Bangkok Koh Phangan     Koh Phangan Bangkok  
0600 1620     0830 2030  
2100 1100     1300 0030  
Tel: 077238411-2. Buy tickets - Koh Phangan to Bangkok  
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999 Government Bus          
VIP: 1,200 THB (meal included) Non VIP: 900 THB      
1,000 to 1,350 Thai Baht  
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Buses are the cheapest and least comfortable way to travel between Bangkok and Koh Phangan. They offer a 'no brain' solution for getting from A to B. Lomprayah and other cheap bus / boat operators take you all the way from Khao San Road to Thongsala in Koh Phangan. All you have to do is take your baggage on and off the bus.


The feeling is a bit like being herded up with all the other foreigners. This is a feeling you get all over Thailand, however.


All buses stop on the long journey for food and toilet. It is always a motorway place with a number of food vendors. The choice is a sandwich or very average Thai food.


The most important thing is to keep your money and passport with you on the bus, and not in your main luggage.

999 Government Bus

This is a semi-reclining bus. The VIP service costs 1,200 Thai Baht and includes a meal. You catch the bus from the Raja Car Ferry port in Thongsala. In Bangkok the 999 Government Bus goes from the Southern Bus Terminal. You board the bus in Koh Phangan. This is the only bus service where you don't have to take your luggage on and off the boat and on to a bus.


The government service uses the Raja ferry and Donsak pier.


The Lomprayah catamaran is quicker than the Raja Car Ferry. Taking this service cuts the journey time by about 2 hours. There are two boat / bus connections to make per day. The cost is 1,250 Thai Baht. The seat doesn't recline very much and the movies on the bus can be either a welcome distraction or an annoyance. Often the DVD player doesn't work.


The journey going from Koh Phangan to Bangkok is more comfortable because it is done in a day. You can buy tickets at the Lomprayah office at the pier in Thongsala or online using the links under the timetable above.


The reverse journey from Bangkok to Koh Phangan is over night (unless you catch the 0600 bus). Few people get much sleep. The bus leaves from Soi Rambuttri behind Khao San Road. You can buy tickets directly from the Lomprayah office.


The advantage of the Lomprayah service is that it drops you off near the temple at the end of Khao San Road. It is an area full of cheap (if not pleasant) places to stay. The government bus goes to the southern bus terminal. From there you need to get a taxi to your hotel or guest house.


The Lomprayah service uses Chumporn pier which is further north than Donsak. This reduces travel time.

  Other buses

There are several private companies in Bangkok offering cheap packages to Koh Phangan; some as low as 700 Tha Baht. These companies will get you there. That is the best that can be said for them.


Cheap bus/boat tickets usually use the Songserm ferry. This is a small boat and is over-crowded. If you sit on the roof use sunblock.


Also most importantly, don't leave any valuables in your main luggage as it is a common scam for someone to go through the bags in the bus hold during the journey. The bus stops en-route to 'change a tire' and when you arrive in Suratthani something is missing from your bag. Few people report the thefts because they want to make their connection with a ferry.


The lack of any real action against these set-ups is the downside of the laissez faire attitude prevalent in Thailand. Take the Lomprayah!


Other bus services generally use Suratthani pier and the Songserm ferry.