Bars and Restaurants in Thong Nai Pan

Bars and Restaurants Overview

Thong Nai Pan Yai:

Thong Nai Pan Noi:

  • Better Than Sex
  • Luna Lounge
  • Sand Bar
  • La Hacienda
  • Saloon Steakhouse
  • Saloon Coffee Shop
  • Country E-Saan
  • Rasta Baby
  • Jip Shop
  • Again and Again
  • Baan Muay Thai
  • Handsome Sandwich
  • Easy Corner
  • Rimtara
  • Star Huts
  • Tapan Noi
  • I Sea Bar
  • Phuwadee Resort
  • Rasananda
  • Chantara Restaurant - Santhiya
  • The Bistro - Rasananda
  • Yukinoya - Rasananda
  • Pan Sea Restaurant - Panviman
  • Stone Beach Restaurant - Panviman
  • Cool Sands Pub - Panviman
  • Beach Club - Buri Rasa
  • Beach Club Bar - Buri Rasa
  • Oleang Cafe - Buri Rasa
  • Pan Cafe - Buri Rasa
  • Brats and Brews - Buri Rasa

Eating and drinking is an important part of a beach holiday. Thong Nai Pan offers hotel dining, beachfront meals, BBQs as well as smaller 'local' places to try.


This guide hopes to point you in the right direction, to help you find the bars and restaurants that match what you are looking for, and at the price you can afford. However, prices change quickly and many of the bars and restaurants in Yai and Noi change ownership every year. We aim to keep on top of these changes, but there will often be an inevitable time lag between a place closing / opening and this website registering the fact. Our twitter feed is a good way to keep informed of changes.


Another caveat is the subjective nature of restaurant food: one person experiences an elegantly prepared dish with subtle tastes, another experiences a small portion of bland food on a large black plate.


We have separate pages for Yai and Noi along with maps to help you find the establishments mentioned. We also include a few of our recommendations in the right hand column. And finally, there is a nightclub page for those who are looking to stay up late.

Thong Nai Pan Yai Restaurants

There are more beachfront dining options in Thong Nai Pan Yai than on Thong Nai Pan Noi because the beach is longer and there are more resorts sharing the space. Of these, Pen's Bungalows, The Four Resort and Dreamland Resort all have the standard menu which includes Thai favorites such as pad thai , green curry and noodle soup. They also do Western standards such as sandwiches and burger and chips. Candlehut Resort also has a beachfront restaurant called 'The End Bar and Restaurant'.


In the village and on the roads leading down to the beach there are a few small Thai restaurants such as Pa Thong, Pan Tong Restaurant and Honey Restaurant. The prices for a few dishes are slightly cheaper, and some of the Thai dishes are served up in a more authentic fashion.


Thong Nai Pan Yai doesn't have a 5 star hotel (until Panviman spreads across the headland), and so doesn't have a 5 star dining experience. The closest to this is the Havana Resort Restaurant called 'Ash'. They offer Indian, Caribbean and Thai cuisine in a beachfront location.


Other eating options in Yai that stand out are Siam House, AKA Dolphin Bar and Cafe, (tapas, Mexican, home made bread, sweet treats), Su's Bakery (pizzas, Thai and German food), Game Bar (Western breakfast and baguettes) and Longtail Beach Resort ( Thai food).

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Thong Nai Pan Yai Bars

There is a good selection of places to get a drink in Thong Nai Pan Yai both in the village and along the beach. A quick stroll down the beach and a glimpse at the A-frame boards will give you an idea about any happy hour offers on at the time. Baan Panburi nearly always has a happy hour promotion.

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The nightlife scene in the Thong Nai Pan area has moved in the last couple of years from Noi to Yai. Places such as Game Bar and Flip Flop cater for the late night set.

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  Price Sample for Yai Restaurants and Bars

Baan Panburi: T-bone steak BBQ - 280 THB

Baan Panburi: massman curry - 180 THB

Baan Panburi Happy Hour: all cocktails - 110 THB

Pen's Bungalows: 12" bacon mushroom pizza - 320 THB

Pa Thong's: morning glory and crispy pork - 75 THB

Pen's Bungalows: cappuccino - 60 THB

Pen's Bungalows: small Heineken - 80 THB

The End Bar & Restaurant: Singha beer - 60 THB

The End Bar & Restaurant: Corona beer - 180 THB

The End Bar & Restaurant: Caesar Salad with chicken- 220 THB

Game Bar: cocktail - 180 THB

Ash at Havana: Indian curry - 180 THB to 250 THB

Siam House: lemon cheesecake - 130 THB

  Thong Nai Pan Noi Restaurants

Thong Nai Pan Noi has 4 big hotels with various dining options. Panviman has Stone Beach Restaurant on the beach, Pan Sea Restaurant on the peninsula between the two beaches as well as pool side food during the day. Rasananda has Japanese food at Yukinoya, Thai and Western food at Bistro@the Beach as well as in-villa dining. Santhiya has Chantara Restaurant perched on the side of the hill. The resort also has beach front dining and the option of personalized beach front dining.


Just one step down in price is the Buri Rasa. It has a beachfront restaurant called the 'Beach Club' (yes, this is what Baan Panburi which used to be in the same spot called their restaurant). There is also a small separate thatched bar called' Beach Club Bar'.


The other beachfront eating options on Thong Nai Pan Noi beach are Phuwadee Resort and Tapan Noi.


The village in Thong Nai Pan Noi offers small restaurants with plenty of local character such as Country E-Saan, Baan Muay Thai and Again and Again. There are also more elegant options available with Better Than Sex and Luna Lounge.

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  Thong Nai Pan Noi Bars

The hotels have their bars: Panviman has the Cool Sands Pub with live music and karaoke; Rasananda has a lounge in the main building which offers expensive wine, champagne and cigars; and Santhiya has a beachfront bar that also serves poolside customers.


Thong Nai Pan Noi village used to be the place to go for a late night drink. The party nights have long gone.


Jip Shop shows Premier League Football and has a friendly atmosphere. Rasta Baby has an 'old skool' feel that is perhaps out-of-step with the new type of visitors to Thong Nai Pan Noi. More in step are Luna Lounge and Better Than Sex that offer wine, beer and cocktails in more 'stylish' settings.


The Noi village drinking scene includes Brats and Brews (part of the 'Village Square', formerly known as 'Don's Cafe') and Sand Bar (small bar that has a 100 Thai Baht cocktail menu). Brats and Brews is curious in that their unique selling point is that the bar offers Chang beer on draught and premium ice cream.


For drinking, Thong Nai Pan Noi village has a little bit of everything. You are bound to find a bar you like.

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  Price Sample for Noi Restaurants and Bars

Chantara: meal for 2 people - 2,000 THB

Phuwadee Resort: banana smoothie - 90 THB

Phuwadee Resort: black Russian - 140 THB

Phuwadee: Tord Man Pla (Thai fish cakes) - 150 THB

Baan Muay Thai: crispy pork with vegetable - 80 THB

Baan Muay Thai: penang curry - 70 THB

Jip Shop: spicy grilled beef salad - 120 THB

Jip Shop: small Chang beer - 60 THB

Star Huts: burger, fries & coke - 145 THB

Tapan Noi BBQ: fried red snapper - 250 THB

La Hacienda: Caesar salad with chicken - 160 THB

La Hacienda: shrimp tacos - 210 THB

Sand Bar: Singapore Sling - 100 THB

Saloon Steakhouse: sirloin steak with sides - 450 THB

Brats and Brews: 1 litre draught Chang - 365 THB