Baan Muay Thai

Baan Muay Thai

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Baan Muay Thai

Baan Muay Thai, run by Pee Ket and Pee Ott, in Thong Nai Pan Noi, is a simple-looking Thai restaurant adjacent to Rasta Baby in Noi Village. If Pee Ket’s vibrant smile doesn’t draw you in, the smell of her tasty Thai cooking will.


Recommended dishes include Penang curry (70 baht) and kanao moo grop (crispy pork with Thai vegetable, 80 baht). The pad krapao moo (70 baht) is particularly good. Pee Ket’s giant spring rolls (80 baht) are also delicious.


The restaurant has been slightly upgraded recently. It still hasis a basic concrete floor but hte thatched roof has been replaced with a more sturdy wood clad version. They have a better sign and even a few decorations. They have 8 bamboo tables with accompanying bamboo seats. It’s really as you imagine a basic Thai beach restaurant would look like. You can enjoy the cheap food while watching the locals come and go from busy Snoop Shop next door, the best (and cheapest) spot in town for groceries, drinks, and snacks.


Although Baan Muay Thai’s drink menu is slim, offering only small Singha and Chang for 40 baht each, if you feel like wine, they won’t mind you bringing your own – just ask politely first and they always accommodate.


Pee Ket is a gregarious and friendly soul. She’s happy to make small talk or give you Thong Nai Pan tips. Her husband will also thrill you with stories of his days as a bona fide Muay Thai boxer if you ask.


Although Baan Muay Thai generally opens by 9am and closes around 10pm, Pee Ket has been known to flip the lights back on to whip up a late night snack for hungry strollers on their way home from a few drinks in the village. If she’s in the restaurant, she’s keen to cook, and you’ll always be glad for it.


Baan Muay Thai is relaxed, authentic, friendly, and consistently delicious – what else could you want from a restaurant while on vacation in Thailand?



  • Thong Nai Pan Noi village (see map)


  • Thai food


  • Crispy pork and Thai vegetable
  • Spring rolls
  • Penang curry


  • Open from 9am to 10pm