fly and ferry between Koh Phangan and Bangkok

Flights Bangkok - Suratthani

Nok Air: Bangkok to Koh Phangan via Nakhon si Thammarat

Flight No.   Frequency   Bangkok Koh Phangan  
DD7804   Daily   0600 1140  
DD7208 Daily 0620 1140
DD7808 Daily 0915 1400
DD7210 Daily 0920 1400
DD7212   Daily   1235 1730  
DD7810 Daily 1410 1930
Tel: +66 29009955 website:    

Nok Air: Koh Phangan to Bangkok via Nakhon si Thammarat

Flight No.   Frequency   Koh Phangan Bangkok  
DD407   Daily   0715 1520  
DD421   Daily   0900 1655  
DD405   Daily   1200 1840  
DD429   Daily   1430 2025  

Solar Air: Bangkok to Koh Phangan via Chumphon

Flight No.   Frequency   Bangkok Koh Phangan  
    Daily   0945 1600  
Tel: 025352456 website:      

Solar Air: Koh Phangan to Bangkok via Chumphon

Flight No.   Frequency   Koh Phangan 1705  
2555   Daily   0820 1515  


Nok Air            
Between 1,536 and 2,200 THB (one way)      
Solar Air            
1,300 Thai Baht (one way)        
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Since 2011 two useful and cheap fly and ferry services have opened up between Don Meung Airport in Bangkok and Thongsala in Koh Phangan. One way fares can be as low as 2,000 Thai Baht. This is only twice the price of the Lomprayah catamaran / bus ticket. It is also more than 1,000 THB cheaper than Bangkok Airways when you also factor in the money and hassle of getting a boat and taxi to Samui Airport.


From 'door to door' the fly and ferry services take between 6 and 7 hours. Lomprayah bus/boat packages take about 12 hours.


Nok Air and Solar Air both use Don Meung Airport. Nok Air flies to Nakhon Si Thammarat and connects with the Lomprayah in Donsak to bring people to Koh Phangan. Solar Air uses a smaller plane and goes the shorter distance to Chumporn. Again Lomprayah takes passengers on to the final destination.


Fly and ferry has definitely arrived.

Nok Air

Since 2011 Nok Air have teamed up with Lomprayah to offer a great alternative to the over-priced flights offered by Bangkok Airways flying from Koh Samui. You can buy at the Lomprayah office at Thong Sala Pier combined catamaran/ bus /plane tickets to Bangkok. Prices start at about 1,536 THB (one way) . All the hassle is taken out of the journey. All you need to do is check in 45 minutes before the boat leaves. The journey takes about 5 hours.


Nok Air sometimes runs promotions when the ticket prices fall to 1,000 THB. For an extra 1,000 THB you can buy a 'Flexi' ticket which allows you to make free changes to your travel itinerary and gives you an extra 5 KG baggage allowance.


Planes leave from Don Meung Airport in Bangkok and Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport. This is a much needed transport connection for Koh Phangan. And no need to use a travel agent!


Nok Air also have a flight to Chumphon. From Chumphon you can make your way to the Lomparayah ferry port and get to Koh Phangan.


Nok Air has some Boeings in the fleet and generally use jet planes.


In the last year Nok Air have added extra capacity on their Bangkok - Thongsala route.

  Solar Air

Solar Air is another low cost carrier that has opened up another route between Koh Phangan and Bangkok. Solar Air flies 18 seat airplanes between Don Mueng Airport and Chumphon Airport.


Solar Air sell combined tickets on their website that takes you all the way to Thongsala pier in Koh Phangan. Solar Air teams up with Lomprayah to offer this package journey. This package is only available once a day. You leave Bangkok at 9.45 and get to Thongsala by 1600.


However, there are other daily flights between Bangkok and Chumphon by Solar Air. You will have to ogranize your own onward travel from Chumporn airport. There is a beach front resort next to the Lomprayah Thungmakhamnoi Pier in Chumphon in case you get stuck.


The price for a one way combined ticket between Bangkok and Koh Phangan is 3,800 Thai Baht. Check both the Solar Air site and Lomprayah site before booking for promotional prices.


You should book well in advance during high season as the Solar Air plane has only 18 seats. It is a propeller craft.


NOTE: January 2016 - The Solar Air website is malfunctioning. Solar Air is the smallest and most unreliable of the fly and ferry services.