flights between Bangkok and Suratthani

Air Asia: Bangkok - Suratthani / Koh Phangan

Air Asia: Bangkok (DMK) to Suratthani (URT)

Validity Flight Number Frequency   Depart Arrive  
  FD3231 Daily   1425 1535  
  FD3233 Daily   1845 1950  
  FD3235 Daily   0700 0815  
  FD3237 Daily   0945 1100  

Fly + Ferry: Bangkok to Koh Phangan

  1 flight Daily   0650 1530  
  2 flights Daily   0705 1530  
  1 flight Daily   0945 1830
  1 flight Daily   1025 1830
  1 flight Daily   1140 1830

Air Asia: Suratthani to Bangkok

Validity. Flight Number Frequency   Depart Arrive  
  FD3232 Daily   1605 1720  
  FD3234 Daily   2020 2130  
  FD3236 Daily   0845 1000  
  FD3238 Daily   1145 1300  

Fly + Ferry: Koh Phangan to Bangkok

  3 flights Daily   0500 1300  
  2 flights Daily 0700 1300 or 1420  
  3 flights Daily   1000 1720  
  1 flight Daily   1300 2155  


Normal   Promotion      
1,210 Thai Baht (one way) 590 to 799 Thai Baht    
Fly + Ferry   Transfers      
1, 093 Thai Baht - 1,590 Thai Baht (one way) Surat airport to KP by Raja costs 445 THB  
It costs more to fly at the weekend        
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Air Asia have made their service more convenient by adding a fly and ferry option that goes between Don Muang AIrport in Bangkok and Thongsala Pier in Koh Phangan. The fly and ferry service has greatly increased its capacity. It uses 2 routes - one through Nakhon Si Thamamarat Airport (NST) and one through Surat Thani Airport (URT). Both routes use the Raja Ferry from Donsak. There are 6 scheduled fly and ferry packages for Bangkok to Thongsala and 9 scheduled fly and ferry packages for Thongsala to Don Muenag, Bangkok.


For those prepared to organize their own boat and bus transfers there are 4 flights a day going between Bangkok and Suratthani and 4 flights making the reverse journey..


The price for a single ticket between Bangkok and Suratthani on an Air Asia flight is about 1,000 Thai Baht on a promotion or about 1,600 Thai Baht without a promotion. As with all flights nowadays there are a whole series of extra considerations. The flight tax is included in the ticket price. Cancellations are subject to a processing fee of 160 THB. The booking fee is 210 THB which can be avoided if you book through their website. Like Ryan Air all checked baggage has to be paid for. Up to 15kg costs 250 THB, 20kg costs 290 THB, 25 kgs cost 428 THB and 30kg costs 535 THB if you pre-book online. These are small charges but they can add up if you are a large family traveling with lots of luggage.


The Air Asia website is comprehensive and easy to use. It is a big company that has scheduled flights to several countries in Asia.


* All Air Asia flights leave from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok (DMK)

* 2016 Timetable