flights between Bangkok and Koh Samui

Flights Bangkok - Koh Samui

Bangkok Airways: Bangkok to Koh Samui

Validity Flight Number Frequency   Depart Arrive  
  PG103 Daily   0600 0705  
  PG105 Daily   0630 0735  
23 Dec - 10 Jan PG107 Daily   0700 0805  
Fin: 14 Jan PG121 Daily   0730 0835  
Start: Jan 30 PG121 Daily 0730 0835
  PG123 Daily   0810 0915  
  PG129 Daily   0830 0935  
  PG127 Daily   0940 1045  
  PG125 Daily   1015 1145  
  PG131 Daily   1145 1250  
  PG135 Daily   1215 1320  
  PG139 Daily   1345 1450  
  PG151 Daily   1435 1540  
  PG153 Daily   1500 1630  
  PG155 Daily   1535 1640  
  PG161 Daily   1610 1715  
  PG171 Daily   1745 1840  
25 Dec - 12 Jan PG173 1,2,4,5,6,7   1755 1900  
Start: 15 Jan PG173 1,2,5,6,7   1755 1900  
  PG914 Daily   1815 1945
  PG185 Daily   1845 2015
  PG187 Daily   1920 2025
  PG189 Daily   2020 2150
  PG199 Daily   2100 2200

Bangkok Airways: Koh Samui to Bangkok

Validity Flight Number Frequency   Depart Arrive  
  PG100 Daily   0600 0705  
  PG104 Daily   0745 0850  
  PG106 Daily   0815 0920  
Fin: 10 Jan PG108 Daily   0845 0950  
Fin 14 Jan PG122 Daily   0915 1020  
Start: 30 Jan PG122 Daily   0915 1020
  PG124 Daily   0955 1100
  PG126 Daily   1015 1120
  PG132 Daily   1155 1300
  PG134 Daily   1245 1350
Fin: 12 Jan PG136 Daily   1400 1505
Start: 15 Jan PG136 1,2,5,6,7   1400 1505
  PG138 Daily   1415 1545
  PG144 Daily   1515 1620
  PG140 Daily   1530 1635
  PG146 1,2,5,6,7   1545 1650
  PG148 Daily   1600 1730
  PG154 Daily   1705 1835
  PG168 Daily   1910 2015
  PG172 Daily   1920 2025
  PG174 Daily   1945 2050
  PG178 Daily   2015 2145
  PG176 Daily   2030 2135
  PG186 Daily   2045 2215
  PG188 Daily   2105 2210
  PG190 Daily   2115 2245
  PG198 Daily   2200 2305
Tel: +66 (2) 265 5678 website:  

Prices (One Way)

Bangkok to Samui 3,400 Thai Baht        
Samui to Bangkok 3,600 Thai Baht      
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The biggest travel news is that an airport was being built on Koh Phangan, but has stopped due to legal difficulties. Official permission had been given for Kan Airways to build a runway on Koh Phangan. The site is at just south of Than Sadet on the east coast. At present work is on hold to build the new airport. For more about Koh Phangan Airport see


Until Koh Phangan Airport opens the quickest way to get to Thong Nai Pan from Bangkok is to catch a Bangkok Airways flight to Koh Samui and then catch a ferry from Big Buddha (Haad Rin Queen), Maenam (Lomprayah and Thong Nai Pan Express) or Bang Rak (Seatran) to Koh Phangan. The flight takes just over an hour and the boat journey about 30 minutes. You can set off from Bangkok early morning and be on the beach for lunch.


Unlike many other domestic carriers, Bangkok Airways still uses Suvarnabhumi Airport. Although it is farther from the centre than the old Don Meung AIrport there is now a convenient and cheap train link to Suvarnabhumi. This saves 500 Thai Baht on a taxi.


The only problem with the Suvarnabhumi - Koh Samui route is that Bangkok Airways is comparatively expensive. They do little to justify their self-styled 'boutique' image except charge between 1,000 and 2,000 Thai Baht more than other airlines such as Air Asia and Nok Air. Unfortunately, these cheaper alternatives are on the mainland - the boat journey from Chumporn or Suratthani extends the journey time by 2 or more hours.


Other airlines can now use Koh Samui Airport so it is always worth researching other carriers for flights to Koh Samui, especially if you are not coming from Bangkok.


The timetable above is Bangkok Airways Winter 2016 Schedule.

Scheduled Flights

We are currently on the 'Winter Schedule'. The above information is valid to March 26th 2016. The schedule updates usually add or remove a few flights but basically the schedule remains the same - namely a flight every hour from 0600 to 2200. For December, the peak season, there are sometimes flights every 15 minutes. Despite the large number of flights available it is a good idea to book in advance at busy times of the year. It is also worth looking at different days and times as you can save yourself 1,000 Thai Baht on promotional offers.


The airport building in Koh Samui is only a few years old. It is a stylish building set in tropical gardens. The nearest pier is Big Buddha. It takes about 20 minutes to get from Big Buddha to the airport by taxi. The Haad Rin Queen goes from Haad Rin to Big Buddha pier. The next closest is the Lomprayah service from Bophut (Koh Samui) to Thongsala (Koh Phangan).

Koh Samui Taxis

Koh Samui taxis, like Bangkok taxis, are yellow with a sign on the roof saying "meter". However, the drivers refuse to go on the meter despite an effort by Koh Samui authorities to fine taxis that refuse to give metered fares.


Negotiate a price before you get in the taxi. The advantage of the Lomprayah ferry service is that the ticket price includes a transfer to anywhere on the island. In Koh Samui Airport there is a shared mini bus service available. You can also pay for fixed price taxis.


Cheaper flight alternatives are provided by Nok Air, Solar Air and Air Asia. These all take longer than Bangkok Airways because you have to fly to the mainland. When Koh Phangan Airport is built Bangkok Airways will no longer be the quickest option for travelling to Koh Phangan. Whether competition will lead to price reductions on the Samui - Bangkok route is hard to tell.