accommodation map for Thong Nai Pan

Thong Nai Pan Noi

a: Santhiya Resort & Spa
b: Tapan Noi (closed)
c: Thong Tapan
d: Sunrise Villa
e: Phuwadee Resort
f: Anantara Rasananda
g: Sandee Bungalow
h: Buri Rasa
i: Panviman Resort & Spa

Thong Nai Pan Yai

j: Paradise Garden Resort
k: Candlehut Resort
l: Dreamland Resort
m: Pen's Bungalows & Great Escape Chalets
n: Pingchan Beach Resort
o: The Four Resort
p: Starlight Resort
q: Nice Beach Resort
r: Havana Resort
s: Dolphin Bungalows
t: Baan Panburi
u: Longtail Beach Resort

In Brief Overview


  • Prices start at $15 a night and go beyond $1,000 a night
  • Prices are seasonal
  • Some places have monthly rates
  • Some budget places will give small discounts for those who don't book in advance

Long term Rental:

  • You can rent a villa or a bungalow
  • Bungalows cost between 10,000 and 15,000 THB a month


  • We use, Agoda and


  • Bigger resorts often have'early bird' discounts for those who book more than 30 days in advance

You can find accommodation in Thong Nai Pan to suit most budgets. There are cheap bungalows on the beach. There are mid-range resorts with swimming pools. There are 5 star hotels. And there are private villas for rent. You can spend as little as 350 Thai Baht a night. If money is no object you can find private pool villas at Santhiya and Anantara Rasananda that are over $1,000 a night in the high seasons.


Generally speaking most of the cheaper accommodation options are found on Thong Nai Pan Yai. Places like Pen's Bungalows, The Four Resort, Baan Panburi, Nice Beach Resort and Longtail Beach Resort all have basic 'fan' bungalows. As the name suggests these are wooden bungalows with no air-con - just a bed, a fan, a toilet and a mosquito net. Always make sure your accommodation has sealed windows or there is a mosquito net over the bed otherwise you will be badly bitten during the night.


In contrast, Thong Nai Pan Noi is considered 'up market'. This is where all the best hotels on Koh Phangan are found. Number 1 according to Trip Advisor is Buri Rasa and number 3 is Santhiya. Panviman is number 4 and Rasananda is number 6 . These big 4 hotels in Thong Nai Pan vie for the top spots every year.


The cheaper options in Thong Nai Pan Noi are Phuwadee and Thong Tapan. The budget option is now only Sandee Bungalow since Tapan Noi closed. In Thong Nai Pan Yai the cheapest bungalows can be found at Pen's Bungalows, Baan Panburi, Longtail Beach Resort and The Four Resort


The best villa for rent is Sunrise Villa in Thong Nai Pan Noi. It can accommodate 6 people and so for groups represents excellent value for money at 4,900 - 6,900 Thai Baht a night.


Sunrise Villa also offer a monthly rate of 90,000 THB with full service package.

How to Book

You can find a list of places to stay in Thong Nai Pan in the right column along with starting prices. You can book all these places online with the exception of Tapan Noi and Dolphin Bungalows. You will find our booking buttons above and below the main picture panel for each resort.


Sunrise Villa and Longtail Beach Resort have online booking via their respective websites. We provide links to their websites.


The majority of resorts reviewed in Thong Nai Pan Magazine belong to the Agoda booking system. It is one of Thailand's biggest online reservation systems and provides a secure way to make credit card payments for rooms. We use Agoda because it has an excellent reputation and hasn't let us down yet. It also offers some of the best deals on the net.

Minimum Stay

The minimum stay requirement is mostly to do with the Full Moon Party and the perak season between Christmas and New Year. When there is a party coming up in Haad Rin many places around the island will insist visitors book a mimimum number of nights. This is usually between 3 and 5 nights.


Very few places impose a mimumum stay requirement in Thong Nai Pan. The exceptions are Starlight Resort and Candlehut Resort. If you book Sandee Bungalow online you have to book at least 5 nights. However, it is rarely full and you could just turn up and get a bugalow for a night. Most people visiting Thong Nai Pan stay for at least 3 nights so the issue of minimum stay often doesn't arise.


In Haad Rin the accommodation prices go up during the Full Moon Party period. This is not the case in Thong Nai Pan. The prices in Thong Nai Pan go up and down according to the season. See below for details of seasonal pricing.

Seasonal Prices

Here is a guideline to the timing for the seasonal pricing. These dates vary slightly from one establishment to the next. The three price brackets are: high season, low season and peak season. Peak season is the most expensive time to visit, followed by high season. You can get some bargains in low season.


1st January - 6th January : PEAK SEASON

7th January - 19th April: HIGH SEASON

20th April - 30th June: LOW SEASON

1st July - 31st August : HIGH SEASON

1st September - 15th December : LOW SEASON

16th December - 31st December: PEAK SEASON


In the case of the second low season of the year between September and mid-December this is because it is the rainy season. However, the rest of these dates are dictated purely by market forces of supply and demand. They charge the most during the Summer holidays and at Christmas time when Europeans visit in their greatest numbers. Thailand is also very popular from January to April because it offers Winter sunshine.


If you want to get a bargain price try the low season between April and June. The weather is great and the beaches are less crowded.

Promotions & Discounts

We will try and alert visitors to this website about any promotions being run by the resorts. You can email us and ask for our newsletter email that includes promotions or you can find the latest promotions on the home page in the top righthand corner box.


There is a science to pricing in Thailand. If occupancy numbers are down from the year before prices fall, if they are up then prices also go up. Moreover, if the competition change their prices then so do many of the other resorts and bungalow operations. The excuse of rising food or oil prices is usually given as a reason for rising prices. This is not the main reason - it is purely the market forces of supply and demand at work.


For the big hotels on the island many people book via travel agents in their home countries. They usually get a package price that includes the flight. To stay at Santhiya and Rasananda these package deals are often good value. It will depend on what type of commission the travel agent is taking and how many rooms the agent usually fills.


It used to be the case that you could turn up at a bungalow place in Thong Nai Pan and politely ask for a discount. If you planned to stay for more than a week your bargaining position was improved. This is still possible. However, nowadays many of the most sought after rooms and bungalows get booked months in advance. Also, some places have started a 'no discount' policy. Generally, the budget end of the accommodation spectrum will give discounts to those who just turn up and ask. Private villas are also possible to approach by email to ask for discounts.


If you plan to stay a month or more in Thong Nai Pan you can get monthly rates at Paradise Garden Resort, Sandee Bungalow, Sunrise Villa and Pen's Bungalows.


Those who stay long-term usually find a bungalow in the hills; in the wooded area around Wang Thong Waterfall; or on the road to Bottle Beach. Ask around about bungalows for long term rent. They go for between 10,000 THB and 15,000 THB a month.